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Hi, I’m Dave, a 55 year old American.

I didn’t start traveling the world until I was 40. What the heck was I waiting for?! Now I imagine myself living almost every place I visit, from Prague to Paris, from Medellin to Mexico City, and dozens of others in between. That’s what happened the first time I came to Antigua, Guatemala, except this time I actually moved there. Not only did I find friendship and community in this Land of Eternal Spring … I found the love of my life!

The term “digital nomad” was just catching on when I left my cubicle in Texas behind to start working full-time online as a sportswriter, and professional editor. After starting my writing career back in the 90’s with the Associated Press, I am very fortunate to have some great clients and steady work that enables me to travel often and live in a place that I love.

I have tried to give back to this wonderful country of friendly people by sponsoring individual children’s ongoing education, and participating in many fund-raisers over the years, including the Experience Guatemala Challenge. I competed in the week long “Amazing Race”-style event in both 2016 and 2017 while personally raising more than $10,000 USD for Ninos de Guatemala, an NGO that aims to break the cycle of poverty through education.
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